A Day In My Life In Elmwood

My very first house in Winnipeg was in St. Boniface, near Marion and Archibald, in which I resided with friends once I arrived from the ‘Peg. St. Boniface was certainly a neighbourhood I had heard of before I moved here, and not simply because I had friends there.

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I enjoyed the neighbourhood a great deal: it was fine to wander round in, had a fantastic mixture of ages, and had been on a great, quick bus route into downtown. Yep, I learned pretty fast what folks think about the neighbourhood.

Before long I had been ambiguously saying “East Kildonan” (or “EK” when I was feeling especially cool) if asked in which I had been alive… it meant I did not need to follow defences such as “it is not really bad, actually! I didn’t develop in Winnipeg, and consequently did not have any preconceived notions of the neighbourhood, but I’d like to confess, there are certainly certain pockets of rather undesirable-looking homes!

And I certainly do not feel really at ease here once I am out by myself at night. It has been fine, however, the growing frequency where I hear “that I reside in that neighbourhood, also” or “We only purchased a spot not too far from you”. In my experience thus far, it is a place where homes are quite reasonably priced and a few fantastic fixer-upper bargains are available.

I find this section of city to be quite handy — obtaining downtown is just a fast 10-minute bus or car journey away. I came across a very neat section of this CBC Manitoba site. It is known as “Urban Myths: Believe you realize Winnipeg? Think”. I am not certain where the title came from, but the content is interesting: 19 neighbourhood profiles from Centennial to Wolseley.

The Elmwood profile appears to be spot-on to mepersonally. There are three or more nearby I can think of off the top of the mind. This isn’t surprising to me, either. I take the bus home from work downtown nearly daily, and there are always always youthful girls with strollers on the bus headed this course.

Many more than once I took the 19 from downtown to St. B in precisely the exact same time of the afternoon. Last summer, the Free Press ran a fantastic set of articles known as “Winnipeg from A to Z”, and it provided a fantastic preliminary orientation to a number of the city’s insider knowledge.

E was Elmwood, and really, Joe Paraskevas discovered a close set of long time Elmwood residents. Among these, Rob Knight, told him, ““Elmwood individuals who hang out together, went to college together, and they are my age, that’s the mid-60s. They are still all friends with each other. They move down toPalm Springs with them.


They camp with them. They all go out for dinners with them. Anyway, now the weather is increasingly becoming somewhat nicer, I have been investigating some of the regional companies in my ‘hood, and I thought I would share a few of my favorite places with you! In August, we will move only across Henderson Highway into the next Glenelm region (which, according to the CBC profile is popularly called the “Wolseley of Elmwood”).

It is funny: it is just a five minute walk in our existing house, but it is like another planet entirely. Larger trees, much better maintained homes, much more chalk on the sidewalks… only a nicer aesthetic appeal and frankly, a neighbourhood I believe I will feel somewhat safer in, particularly at night. Luckily, it’s so close to where I live today, that I will have the ability to keep on enjoying these companies I have found up to now. Are you aware of any unseen Elmwood gems?

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